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Women’s Dating Tips:
7 Signs He’s Getting Serious About
Your Love Relationship?

By Juliet Klee, author of Online Dating Truth

Dating Article Summary: Wondering if he’s getting serious? These 7 signs are a sure indication that a serious long term love relationship with you is definitely on his mind.

Girls, the time has come to learn the mystic ways of the male intellect -especially when it comes to matters of the heart. They (they being men) are a force unto themselves when it comes to romance and while some may wear their hearts on their sleeves the vast majority of them have taken a page from the stoics of days past and reveal nothing. If you are left wondering what the subtle clues may be that he’s beginning to take your relationship seriously, read on.

He Takes You Home to Meet Mom

Very few men are willing to make a trek down the aisle or any other deep and abiding commitment without first getting the mom stamp of approval. It seems odd and antiquated on one level and makes perfect sense on another. Don’t worry. No woman will ever be good enough for mama’s little man. You don’t have to be perfect though, just good enough.

He Stops Running Every Time the “M” Word Comes up in Conversation

There’s nothing truly casual about a conversation that sends a grown man bolting for air. Even the mention of the word “marriage” sends many men heading for the hills. It’s the perfect ploy to get him out of your house or apartment so you can enjoy a little girl talk. When he stops heading for parts unknown every time this infamous topic is discussed it is usually about the time that he’s thinking of it on a more personal level.

He Makes Nice With Your Best Girl Friend

This doesn’t mean you’ve stepped into the twilight zone but could be a sure sign that he has some deeper commitments on the mind and is seeking her approval on some level. After all, many men are just so strategic. He may feel that starting a serious love relationship with you may require some allies in the war for your heart. Who better to join forces with than your best girl friend.

He Begins Taking Care of You

You shouldn’t find it disturbing that he’s suddenly checking your gas gauge, changing your oil, and buying cans of pepper spray for your key chain, which are good signs that a serious love relationship is definitely on his mind. He’s marking his territory and placing you under his protection. Whether you need his protection or not isn’t really up for discussion. The important thing to bring home from these sudden changes in behavior is that he’s starting to think some serious long-term relationship thoughts.

He Introduces You to the Guys

You’ve probably met the guys on occasion but has he referred to you in any kind of official capacity in their presence before? When he starts introducing you around as his girlfriend to his guy friends, it’s serious on his end of things. Because no guy would be that vulnerable around the other guys without some serious love relationship thoughts rolling around in his head.

He Starts Enjoying Your Company Without Sex On The Brain

In the beginning your relationship may involve either a great deal of sex or the pursuit of sex. When he starts simply wanting to spend time with you, without sex or even a hint of sex, this is a sign that he really enjoys being with you – no strings attached. What serious love relationship can thrive without the joy of genuine heart-felt companionship between a man and a woman!

He Uses “We” When Mentioning the Two of You

This is a big deal for many guys who have, until now, viewed the world as a “me” or an “I” plain of existence. When he starts referring to the two of you as “we” it means he is thinking of the two of you as a “we.” Ultimately, that means he is engaging in some serious long term relationship thinking.

Any one of these things or a combination of these things is not necessarily enough to begin picking china patterns and planning for a June ceremony. It is a good indication that a deeper level of commitment is on his mind though. Give him time, even guys that are madly in love tend to need to slowly ease into a serious long term relationship. Take it one sign at a time heading down the enjoyable road to reeling him in!

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