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Women’s Dating Tips:
Is He Ready to Get Serious About
Your Dating Relationship?

By Juliet Klee, author of Online Dating Truth

Dating Article Summary: Unfortunately, when it comes to serious dating relationships the mind of a man doesn’t come with dating directions or explanations. But, if you see the following road signs you won’t need a map to know that getting serious is on his mind.

There are many unknowns when it comes to dating these days. Unfortunately, communication seems to be the last thing on his mind unless it’s a terse text message. When you dive a little deeper in your dating relationship though you may be able to hear the things he’s telling you without using words. Just as women have subtle little tells that men are always trying to decipher, men have a body language of their own. Pay attention girls, the following things, done often by your guy, could be a sure sign that he’s thinking of something a little more permanent than a casual dating relationship with you.

Is He True to his Word?

Does he fix things he promises to fix, call when promised, and show up on time? These are signs that you matter enough to make him remember his commitment to you. Men do not think the way that most women think. To them, this is telling you how important you are. They show love rather than talk about it. The problem is that sometimes men are a little baffled that we have to ask.

Have You Noticed Him Becoming More Protective of You?

It’s a primal thing. Men have a tendency to be protective of things they possess or wish to possess. Whether you like the sentiment or not, if he suddenly seeks to protect you from all manner of perceived ills by the world, then he is thinking about the future. It’s as close to picking out curtains and china patterns as the average alpha male is going to go willingly.

Does He Mention His Ex a Lot?

This is not a good sign if settling down is on your mind. Men generally don’t bring up the past, at least not theirs unless they are either trying to drive a wedge and create distance or they are still having difficulty moving on. Either way, it doesn’t bode well for your dating relationship. If this is happening he isn’t looking to the future and you either need to try a new track or catch another train.

Is He Making You Part of His World?

Men tend to be private creatures. They aren’t big into gossip, telling others how they feel, or allowing others “in their business” especially their dating relationship business. That being said, when he does things that invite you into his world rather than shutting you out, like letting you read his email, listening to his answering machine with you in the room, or bringing you over to family meals, he is having visions of a future together beyond your current dating relationship.

There is no crystal ball when it comes to emotions or reading the minds of men. Women have been getting these signals crossed for centuries. It’s unlikely that we will suddenly have all the answers we’ve been missing all this time. But if you keep the questions above in mind you will have a good idea as to where his thoughts are taking him. You may be dating a man on a marriage mission. Thinking these things and articulating these things for him could take quite some time. Don’t be disappointed if he takes a little while to get around to actually bending his knee. There could be several levels of serious between thinking and acting.

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