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Based On My Many Years of Helping Singles,
If I Could Choose Only One Online Dating Service,
Here’s The Best One, And Why!

By Juliet Klee, author of Online Dating Truth

Dear Online Dater,

With roughly 100 weddings per day attributed to couples who met through an online dating service, what are the odds of a bright woman like you choosing the right online dating service, so that you can find an honest, loving, caring man who will cherish you enough to want to spend the rest of his life “prince charming” you like the princess of his dreams?

I would say the odds of success are 100% possible with my help and a lot of hard work on your part.

You see I have actually sat down with singles who want to get married to the right person, and walked them through the process of signing up, creating a dating profile online, searching and evaluating the profiles of others, and finally contacting singles they are interested in. I have taught them how to avoid married men pretending to be single, scammers, liars, and how to zero in on a select few men who are worth considering as uniquely good matches for them. This applies to those who contact other singles first, and also those with whom the person initiate contact.

Do Not Take a Cheap, Easy Way Out

Over many years I have helped singles evaluate various online dating sites. And one thing that stands out is the desire to make contact immediately once a single man or woman identifies a potentially good match by searching the dating profiles on his or her own. The biggest complaint I have heard from those who try eHarmony, and other services that do the matching for you, is that the singles I have helped actually grew to resent having to wait/pay for a month or more before they got to contact other singles through the online dating system.

Don’t get me wrong, if you are very passive or just too busy (or lazy), and you really can’t or won’t do the screening work yourself, then using a site like eHarmony, Chemistry or PerfectMatch is way better than sitting home alone the rest of your life. The other complaints have centered around the low quality of free online dating services of various sizes and shapes. It stands to reason that you get what you pay for and if a lasting relationship is something of value to you, it makes sense to contribute a little bit of money to help maintain a vastly superior online dating service, especially the ones with a larger choice of quality singles profiles, searchable through well thought out and well maintained online dating tools. It takes hard work to find a relationship that will last a life time. And it is quite often better to do the work yourself.

This process is only as good as the tools provided by the online dating service, and the one online dating service that I feel has the best online dating tools is, tools for weeding out the garden of millions of singles and harvesting those singles with the greatest potential to meet and marry you successfully. The singles whom I have helped have also enjoyed the fact that is incredibly easy to use/user-friendly. In fact senior singles tend to prefer it over Yahoo! Personals…though both are quite easy to use. And both have innovative features like: getting to play matchmaker for friends and family using the MatchMyFriends feature; or surfing and searching and updating your profile at using your cell phone with the MatchMobile feature which also alerts you to new emails and Instant Messages from other members.

This is Not a Skin Show

Unless you are wasting your time reading this free dating article, and all you are looking for is a quick fling, why show anymore skin than a dignified lady would show in a head and shoulders photo. Unlike other online dating services that look more like a brothel or body building contest, has higher standards, and screens each photo submitted before it is allowed to be added to your dating profile. In fact even with over 18 million members they are able to do this with special software that screens out and flags photos that have a high density of skin tone per square inch. These suspect photos and flagged for a closer review by a customer service human.

Don’t Be a Home Wrecker

Like I said unless you are looking for a quick fling, or an affair with a married man because you fear commitment and view “dating” a married man as safer emotionally, or whatever, because he is already married … you probably want a normal, healthy relationship that thrives on commitment and honesty. I know I do. Unlike other online dating services for example that do not have a check box to distinguish between “Divorced” and “Separated”, has all the tools you need to make sure that single really means single. Unless of course the single man of your desires is really among the married liars. Then you need to read the entire chapter of Online Dating Truth that deals with detecting and recognizing red flags.

Start With The Highest Standards

We mere humans tend to be creatures of habit. Therefore, dating in infidelity sets the pattern for a relationship that is marred by dishonesty, cheating and more trust issues like money deceptions. With all the great, honest guys out there yearning for an open, honest relationship, why on earth would you settle for a married liar, game player, scammer or anything else other than the very best for you!

So, I encourage you to try for at least one month. Let set the high standard for you of what a great online dating service is in terms of online dating tools and customer service. In fact one of the best deals ever is at AT MATCH.COM YOU ARE GUARANTEED TO MEET YOUR MATCH WITHIN YOUR 6 MONTH MEMBERSHIP OR YOU GET 6 MORE MONTHS TOTALLY FREE (the English language site covers the USA, Canada and UK. Also, Internationally over 200 countries and about 20 languages other than English)

Then, if you feel like trying another dating service just to diversify your search, maybe branch out to a special niche dating service, if one suites you. There are sites out there for example that serve deaf singles, Christian singles, pet owners, etc., but start with the biggest and the best general dating site, chances are you may find that contains a large enough number of singles in the special niche you’re looking for that you will meet and marry your Prince Charming with

And it really is quite easy to find singles in special niches or with specific interests using the MatchWords feature to search other members’ dating profiles for keywords that describe exactly what you are looking for.

PRACTICAL NOTE: obviously the way to save money with any online dating service is to know what you want and efficiently go get it. But singles are not a commodity like shopping for cars so you need to patiently and persistently search for a match over a longer time frame. It helps to join with the attitude that it may take up to a year to find the right match. So obviously you might want to go for the cheaper monthly rates by signing up for six months to a year. FIRST TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ANY AND ALL FREE TRIAL OFFERS to try out a dating site before you decide to stay and pay!

Ok, now maybe you’re wondering what is my second or third choice of online dating services? So here they are, and why!

My second recommendation is Yahoo! Personals which offers both free and upgraded memberships, and obviously you get plenty of time to try it out before deciding to pay. But I still tend to find that the higher number of paid members at cuts down on the number of low quality dating profiles. No matter which online dating service you choose, I always advise singles to stick to a rule of never contacting someone who did not care enough to totally complete their online profile, including a recent/decent photo, and enough details describing a person who you could find interesting and maybe even attractive. The good thing about free service at Yahoo! Personals is that you actually get mutual match, video and voice greetings tools, etc. without having to pay first.

Yahoo! Personals has a very useful matchmaker search tool for really detailed searching based on your unique preferences and areas of interest. One tool that I have not found anywhere else except at Yahoo! Personals is the Matches-by-Email tool. With it you can actually sift through a number of possible online daters without ever having to log in.

If you are living or looking somewhere other than the United States or Canada, Yahoo! Personals has a truly international presence and community that may serve you very well.

My third recommendation of an online dating service centers around “what makes you uniquely you?”

What is most important to you: is it your religion, your age, race or ethnic background, special hobby or recreational activity that you have a real passion for, or is it your geographic location, city or region that defines you? What special niche could you see yourself sharing with a spouse? For example: devoted Jews or Christians might want to join a Jewish or Christian dating service; senior citizens might want to join a specialized dating service just for singles over age 50; or for example if you really like Asian food, culture, travel, etc. or even if you are not Asian, but want to date and maybe marry an Asian person you might want to try a dating service specializing in Asians or Asian Americans; or say you are an avid horse owner, there are equestrian or pet owner dating sites just right for you.

Ok, by now you get what I am saying, it is called diversification. Sure, join a large general dating service like or Yahoo! Personals or even eHarmony. But also consider membership in a niche oriented site like the ones I have listed below the general dating sites. Dating sites that are highest-rated among each bold category are listed first. Also, active members as measured by actual website traffic matters more than the number of members stated in a sites marketing because, for example a site could have 10 million members, but if only 1 million members are actively using the site, then the real actual membership is only 1 million because 9 million are not active. Anyway I have tried to save you some time and give you a place to start as far as choosing the best online dating service that fits you and your unique needs:

(Prices listed below are subject to change, but here’s a rough idea of what each dating site charges per month. Notice how you can get the superior dating services of for a lower monthly fee by signing up for 6 months. Most of the better dating services give you a price break for a 6 month or yearly membership.)

RESEARCH NOTE: the Alexa number stated below indicates website activity. The smaller the number, the more activity. For example boasts of 18 million members, but what really matters is how active those 18 million members are. Alexa=331 indicates that is the 331st largest dating service website on the entire Internet. What matters in the lists below is how active the dating site is. After all you want to join a dating service that has active members to meet, not singles who show up once to fill out a dating profile and then never return for several months if ever. As for quality, our logic is that dating sites with lots of active members must find quality there or there would be far less website traffic as measured by Alexa.

With sincere best wishes,

Dating expert, Juliet Klee wishes you much happiness.

Juliet Klee, author of Online Dating Truth

General Online Dating Services

My 1st Choice: – Cost: $34.99 monthly. $16.99 per month for 6 months. 7-Day Free Trial Membership Alexa=331 with 18 million members. AT MATCH.COM YOU ARE GUARANTEED TO MEET YOUR MATCH WITHIN YOUR 6 MONTH MEMBERSHIP OR YOU GET 6 MORE MONTHS TOTALLY FREE (English language site covers the USA, Canada and UK. Also, Internationally over 200 countries and about 20 languages other than English)

My 2nd Choice:

Yahoo! Personals – Cost: $24.95 standard OR $39.95 premium monthly with a 7-day free trial. (Also has a good presence in Canada, and Internationally in other languages)

My 3rd Choice is any dating site (listed below in order of website activity size): – Cost: $49.99. Alexa=1,398

(NOTE: Alexa=1,398 is a much larger more active site than Alexa=1,221,936. The smaller the Alexa number means the larger the site is.)

SinglesNet – Cost: $24.95 monthly. $7.49 per month for 12 months. Alexa=? with Over 5 million mambers.

FriendFinder – Cost: $19.95 monthly. Alexa=4,171

DatingDirect – Cost: $29.99. Alexa=6,123

Lavalife – Cost: $29.99 monthly. Alexa=6,919

Chemistry – Cost: $49.95. Alexa=7,478 – Cost: $24.95 monthly. Alexa=8201

MatchMaker Networks – Cost: $29.95 monthly. $14.99 per month for 6 months. Alexa=9,571 with 2 million members

AmericanSingles – Cost: $29.99 monthly. Alexa=13,707 with 1 million members – Cost: $24.95 monthly. (NOT RECOMMENDED because it makes no distinction between “divorced” and “separated” allowing members who are still technically married.) Alexa=66,000

MetroDate – Cost: $18.95. Alexa=73,070

Dreamdates – Cost: $24.95 monthly. Alexa=154,218

ePersonals – Cost: $24.95 monthly. Alexa=647,475

GreatBoyfriends – Cost: $20.00. Alexa=1,221,936

General Online Matchmaking Services (these do the searching and matching for you based on extensive questionnaire):

eHarmony – Cost: $59.95 monthly. Alexa=1,101 (computer assisted matching done by humans)

Chemistry – Cost: $49.95. Alexa=7,478 (Computer matching system based on extensive profiles) – Cost: $59.95 monthly. $26.70 per month for 6 months. Alexa=9,571 with Over 1 million members

Examples of Specialty or Special Niche Dating Services:

Disabled Singles:
Disabled – Dating4disabled online community for disabled. – Cost: Free to Sign up. Alexa=224,080

Single Parents:
SingleParentsMingle – Cost: $19.99 monthly. Alexa=201,549
SingleParentMatch – Cost: $29.95 monthly. $11.95 per month for 12 months. Alexa=654,018

Age-based Online Dating Services (listed alphabetically):

AgeMatch – Cost: $30 monthly. Alexa=469,768 (site for intergenerational dating mixing youth with seniors)

PrimeSingles – Cost: $24 monthly. $16 per month for 6 months. Alexa=236,510

SeniorFriendFinder – Cost: $24 monthly. $16.90 per month for 12 months. Alexa=28,573 with Over 500,000 members

SeniorMatch – Cost: $29.95 monthly. Alexa=545,213

Religion-based Online Dating Services:

ChristianCafé – Cost: $34.95. $9.16 per month for 12 months. Alexa=26,264 with Over 100,000 members
A Singles Christian Network – Cost: $34.95. $8.33 per month for 6 months. $144.95 LIFETIME membership. Alexa=144,448 with Over 80,000 active members and a great caring online community.

CatholicMingle – Cost: $10 monthly. $8 per month for 6 months. Alexa=242,284

JDate – Cost: $35 monthly. $25 per month for 6 months. Alexa=7,317 with Over 600,000 members
JewishFriendFinder – Cost: $20 monthly. $14 per month for 6 months. Alexa=177,177
JewishCafe – Alexa=367,807
JMatch – Alexa=727,894

MuslimMatrimonials – Cost: $15 monthly. Alexa=228,089
Muslima – Cost: $25 monthly. Alexa=8,354 with Millions of Members worldwide

Free Dating Sites: Free Online Dating Site & Singles, PersonalsFind a date today at A free personals, online dating service to meet local singles for dating and romance. See who’s online now.

Online Dating Services Based on Money and Socio Economic Status:

SugarDaddie – Cost: $19.95 monthly. $9 per month for 12 months. Alexa=18,769

MillionaireMatch – Cost: $29.95 monthly. $11.99 per month for 12 months. Alexa=31,857

WealthyMen – Cost: $35 monthly. $20 per month for 3 months. Alexa=41,779 with 250,000 members

MillionaireMate – Cost: $44.95 monthly. $17.95 per month for 12 months. Alexa=45,997 very high quality

Body Type:

BBWPersonalsPlus – Cost: $24.99 monthly. $13.99 per month for 6 months. Alexa=16,165 – Cost: $29.95 monthly. Alexa=579,448
DeafSinglesConnection – Cost: $19.99 monthly. Alexa=372,864

FitnessSingles – Cost: $29.95 monthly. Alexa=17,447 with Over 1 million members

LargeFriends – Cost: $19.99 monthly. Alexa=138,715

TallFriends – Cost: $free. Alexa=440,477

EXAMPLES of Online Dating Services Based On Areas of Interest:

Vegetarian Dating: – Alexa=668,840

Equestrian Dating: EquestrianCupid – Alexa=410,973

Pet Lovers Dating: AnimalAttraction – Alexa=180,857

Gothic Couples: GothicMatch – Alexa=215,031

MilitaryFriends – $20 monthly. Alexa=955,694
MilitaryLoveLinks – $25 monthly. Alexa=185,293 with thousands of members

Biker Couples: BikerKiss – Alexa=111,770

Farmer Dating: FarmersOnly – Alexa=335,335

Golf Lovers:
GolfMates – Alexa=937,534
DateAGolfer – Alexa=2,204,622

Race or Ethnic-based Online Dating Services (listed alphabetically):

AfroIntroductions – Cost: $25 monthly. Alexa=12,990 with Over 650,000 members

Amigos – Cost: $10 monthly. Alexa=2,272 with Over 3 million members

AsianEuro – Cost: $25 monthly. Alexa=20,192

AsianFriendfinder – Cost: $15 monthly. Alexa=9,395

ArabLounge – Cost: $15 monthly. Alexa=23,309

BlackSingles – Cost: $25 monthly. Alexa=10,021 with Over 650,000 members

ChineseLoveLinks – Cost: $25 monthly. Alexa=28,019

Filipinofriendfinder – Cost: $13 monthly. Alexa=43,388

Germanfriendfinder – Cost: $14 monthly. Alexa=84,061

GreekSinglesConnection – Cost: $20 monthly. Alexa=296,019

Indianfriendfinder – Cost: $13 monthly. Alexa=17,087 with Over 650,000 members

ItalianSinglesConnection – Cost: $20 monthly. Alexa=551,917

InterRacialCupid – Cost: $25 monthly. Alexa=278,276

JapanCupid – Cost: $25 monthly. Alexa=20,350

KoreanCupid – Cost: $25 monthly. Alexa=23,669

LatinAmericanCupid – Cost: $25 monthly. Alexa=13,799

LatinSinglesConnection – Cost: $20 monthly. Alexa=365,757

EXAMPLES of Online Dating Services Based on Geographic Location:

AmericanSingles – Cost: $29.99 monthly. Alexa=13,707 with 1 million members

Canada: – Cost: $20 monthly. Alexa=57,563
CanadianPersonals – Cost: $10 monthly. Alexa=715,310

United Kingdom: UKsinglesconnection – Cost: $10 monthly. Alexa=363,233

Services who set you up to meet other singles face to face for dinner or lunch (offices in U.S.A. larger cities, and a fairly expensive yet enjoyable way to meet local singles):

TableForSix – usually set up where 3 men and 3 women meet to have lunch or dinner together. Alexa=238,131

It’s Just Lunch – offices in over 100 U.S. cities; 7Canadian cities; and about a dozen cities in Europe and Asia. Alexa=251,956

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