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Taking Things Offline:
Dating Safety Guide for Dating Men
You’ve Met Online

By Juliet Klee, author of Online Dating Truth

Dating Article Summary: Dating men you’ve met online can be frightening for a very good reason. Learn a few safety ideas for taking your online romance offline, the transition from online dating to dating face-to-face doesn’t have to cause anxiety.

With online dating, match making, and romance getting so much attention these days it’s no wonder that you are considering meeting the great match you think you’ve found online in person. For many couples that meet online this is a logical next step in the evolution of the dating relationship. However, anticipation and excitement in this case should be tempered with an appropriate dose of caution.

While it is true that the vast majority of the people you will come into contact with are honest, open, and wonderful people there are those who have less than honorable intentions. There are no guarantees that the person on the other end of the computer screen is decent and respectable–or that he or she could be a nightmare in the making. To help prevent a potentially negative outcome for what you hope is a wonderful beginning, it is a good idea to put certain safety measures into place.

Safe Call

Before you meet the man of your online dating dreams for the first time, up close in person, you need to know where you’re going, what you’re doing, how long you will be there, and where you may go next. Then you need to take all of this information and give it to a trusted friend along with a photograph of the man you are meeting, his name, and his phone number.

Establish specific times during the night to call your friend (and do not let your date know what those times are or how many there will be). If your friend doesn’t hear from you within so many minutes of your scheduled phone call he or she should attempt calling you. If you can’t be reached he or she should call the places on the list of places you will be visiting until you are found or contact said friend. If nothing is heard from you after a reasonable time, the authorities should be contacted. That’s right, have her call the police, better safe than sorry.

Meet in Public

First dates should always be conducted in the open and in crowded spaces. It’s not a good idea to go on a first offline dating excursion alone with someone you’ve never really met. You should never have your date pick you up or drop you off on a first offline date, and you should also make sure that all parts of your date involve public venues. It may seem as though you have bared your souls to one another through email, chat, and even over the phone, but there are no guarantees so it is best to put things to the test on a neutral playing field until you have a chance to get to know him a little better face-to-face.

Find Safety in Numbers

Double dates and group dating excursions are also great for first time offline dates. These allow you to be around friends who are supportive if for some reason he isn’t Prince Charming in person and group dating will often frighten away those that who have intentions that are not at all honorable.

Don’t Go Home

Even after all the safety measures mentioned above have been met with flying colors far too many women get in their vehicles and drive straight home after their dates. This makes it all too easy for him to follow you home after the date has ended. It’s a good idea to plan to visit a friend or relative afterwards or even possibly spend the evening at a friend’s home. This provides a little additional security after the date and gives you someone to talk about the date with when it’s over.

Your safety should be your first priority when taking an online dating relationship to the streets. Chances are that the man you are meeting wants you to feel as safe as possible. If he doesn’t understand the precautions or gives you a difficult time over them, you should consider this an important red flag. Making light of your desire to feel and be safe is very disrespectful. Most of the time you can go with your instincts, but it is important to remember that wolves sometimes wear sheep’s clothing.

No matter how great he seems it’s still a good idea to put safety first. Keep your senses clear and do not drink alcohol on a first date. Whatever you drink do not let it out of your sight. Date rape drugs are hard to detect. Also do not get overly hyped up on your own hopes and emotions. It could cloud your judgement.

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