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By Juliet Klee, Author of Online Dating Truth

Dear Online Dater,

I hope you find these dating advice articles informative and helpful . . .

1. Dating Service Reviews: Based On My Many Years of Helping Singles, If I Could Choose Only One Online Dating Service, Here’s The Best One, And Why! — A review of the top online dating services, including a chart of price and popularity comparisons based on actual website activity.

2. Taking Things Offline: Dating Safety Guide for Dating Men You’ve Met Online Dating men you’ve met online can be frightening for a very good reason. Learn a few safety ideas for taking your online romance offline, the transition from online dating to dating face-to-face doesn’t have to cause anxiety.

3. Dating Red Flags: When Some Things About Him Just Don’t Add Up, Get A Confidential Background Check, Before You Put Your Safety In His Hands By Dating Him For The First Time Dating men you’ve met online for the first time can be frightening, but getting a confidential background check on him before the first date can help you decide much sooner if he’s a keeper or a loser. Learn where and how to get a background check, including a search of criminal, property, marriage, divorce, sexual predator records. It pays to verify the things he says about himself and put your mind at ease.

4. Is He Ready to Get Serious About Your Dating Relationship? Unfortunately, when it comes to serious dating relationships the mind of a man doesn’t come with dating directions or explanations. But, if you see the following road signs you won’t need a map to know that getting serious is on his mind.

5. Seven Signs He’s Getting Serious About A Long Term Love Relationship Wondering if he’s getting serious? These 7 signs are a sure indication that a serious long term love relationship with you is definitely on his mind.

6. Dating Advice for Women: 5 Secrets to Successful Online Dating Relationships With Men There are 5 secrets that can help you enjoy more successful online dating relationships with men. Learn these secrets to dating success and put them to work in your relationships today.

“With well over one hundred million singles
in the United States alone, and millions more
in Canada and the UK, why on earth would
anyone settle for a relationship with a married
man who has chosen to cheat on his wife?”

Many women are not currently aware that they
are dating a married man. Not that these women
aren’t smart about relationships. They are very
smart about relationships. They are too trusting.

Fortunately, now there is an eBook available to
help women overcome their natural tendency to
believe everything that a man says, true or false.

Online Dating Truth is here to help women be
smart women again and start seeing the glaring
red flags waving in the things he says about himself.

With sincere best wishes,

Dating expert, Juliet Klee wishes you much happiness.

Juliet Klee, author of Online Dating Truth

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